February 16 through March 17, 2018



Since 2012, the Philip Slein Gallery has been dedicated to painting. And this, with rare exception, has been abstract painting. As time has gone by, there is a growing awareness here, and especially in New York, of new approaches to figuration, landscape, and still-life work. Some of it comes from long-established artists such as John Dilg and Susanna Coffey, whose unique styles and approaches have at times seem juxtaposed to mainstream considerations.

The still-life genre has come to renewed life with the thick gestural strokes of Tracy Miller and Holly Coulis. Portraiture is seen anew through the eyes of Amy Hill and Susanna Coffey. The landscape is transformed by Colin Brant, John Dilg, Zach Bruder, Jamie Adams, and Douglas Melini.

The paintings in this exhibition are fresh and exciting. Some may seem difficult, visually, at first glance. Introspection, however, will bear rewards. The lessons of abstract painting are rooted in this shift toward figuration.

In the Project Room: Greg Edmondson. A selection of paintings from Rivers and Beastsa book documenting work made as Artist in Residence at the Osage Arts Community. The artist will sign copies of the book at the opening reception.


Tracy Miller, Mound, 2014, oil paint on canvas, 48 x 48 inches