november 17 through December 22, 2017

Jackie Saccoccio, Portrait (Fox), 2016, oil and mica on linen, 57 x 45 inches
Jackie Saccoccio, Portrait (Fox), 2016, oil and mica on linen,
57 x 45 inches

Ever since the days of Kandinsky, the spiritual in art has been a subject of interest to abstract artists--to all those who seek a path beyond the physical--those who, in the words of Yeats, "live for the moment when vision comes to our weariness like a terrible lightning." 

The Philip Slein Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of some of those artists, including Alison Hall, whose Book of Beginnings is a small black diptych on panel about the size of a book; and Louis Cameron, whose digitally manipulated photos of clouds evoke the 14th-century Christian mysticism of The Cloud of Unknowing, a guidebook on contemplative prayer.

Another spiritual guide, the Kabbalah, continues to inspire Robert Sagerman, for whom painting is a meditative practice. Likewise, for Valerie Jaudon, painting is a slow, deliberate accumulation of brushstrokes within patterns inspired by Islamic art. John Zinsser continues his Zen-like search for satori in painting, while Richmond Burton channels the spirit of Christian Rosenkreutz in his painting, I AM Rosicrucian

Other artists in the show include Brandon AnschultzLori EllisonDouglas MeliniAnn PibalJackie SaccoccioGary Stephan, and Dan Walsh.