Improvisations and Premeditations

APRIL 26 THROUGH June 30, 2018

From purely performative work based on ideas only, to performative work based on drawings which act as rehearsal; from premeditated work executed impulsively, to premeditated work rigidly executed--abstract artists distill art to its essence, and conduct themselves with complete freedom in this surprisingly expansive universe. 

The artists in this show--Sharon Brant, Amy Feldman, Richard Kalina, Russell Maltz, David Row, Robert Sagerman, Kate Shepherd, Robert Swain, John Zinsser--pursue, in the words of Richard Kalina, "an investigation into a grammar of abstraction that takes into account formal strategies, wide-ranging references, and the set of ideas that have swirled around modernist painting and the art that followed it."  For some of these artists, as for Kalina, the pursuit allows for improvisation within premeditated systems;    for others, improvisation is the system. 


Amy Feldman, Sooty Sweat, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 79 x 79"